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Starting life in Xintang Town, Guangzhou as a factory in 2018, but the sales office was moved to Shenzhen in 2021 for better work environment and more convenient to meet overseas customers, South Creation (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. (SC Novelties) has become one of the most energetic sex toy manufacturuer in China, and has made cooperations with lots of famous adult toys cpmpanies. Growing rapidly as a B2B wholesaler, distributor and manufacturer, our sex toys are known and loved around the world.  Would you like to join us for the next part of our journey?
B2B Sales (3)
Job requirements:
1. More than 1 year of foreign trade work experience, understanding the operation of Alibaba International Station is preferred, inexperienced one-to-one free teaching
2. Familiar with e-commerce and foreign trade processes, those with work experience in the adult products industry are preferred
3. Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and be proficient in using various office software
4. Possess good communication, coordination and execution capabilities, work steadily and earnestly, respond quickly and sensitively, and have a strong sense of responsibility
5. Have independent overseas market development capabilities, and be able to develop and expand business through the Internet or through various channels;
6. Have good business negotiation skills or business development capabilities, have a clear grasp of customer requirements, and take the initiative to open up new orders
Location: Shenzhen, China 
Department: B2B Sales
Manager: Head of Foreign Biz Manager
Hours: 40hrs per week
Salary: Negotiable
Merchandiser (2)
Job requirements:
1. Responsible for accepting customer orders, determining the order quantity, color, model series, specifications, dimensions, payment, delivery date and other information, and recording, tracking, and replying.
2. Responsible for the summary and entry of the daily sales list, summarize and record the daily customer complaints to the customer service department, so as to solve the after-sales problems in time;
4. Do a good job in order-taking work and improve sales skills, and master the professional knowledge of product series models, sizes, colors, packages, selling points, etc.;
5. Responsible for coordinating various sales managers, doing a good job in customer communication and information response;
6. Track the entire process of order production, know which link the order is in, and plan the delivery date with reference to the contract date.
7. After the order is produced, communicate and coordinate freight-related matters with the delivery, delivery, and sales personnel, and arrange the shipment;
8. Communicate the delivery situation to the salesperson in time, and assist customers in maintenance and development:
9. The documentary clerk must communicate and coordinate with customers, production, warehouses, drivers, finance, business personnel and other departments;
10. Strictly implement the company's various rules and regulations, and actively complete the work requirements and goals issued by the sales department;
Location: Guangzhou, China 
Department: Customer Care
Manager: Team Manager
Hours: 40hrs per week
Salary: Negotiable
Designer (2)
Job requirements:
1. Be able to independently complete the appearance design of the product, conduct appearance feasibility evaluation, and ensure the rationality, beauty and practicality of the product design.
2. According to the needs of the company, carry out product industrial design and independent proposals.
3. According to the new product development plan, independently complete its appearance innovation design, be familiar with the whole process of product development, and be able to use 2D and 3D graphic design software to complete product renderings (CorelDraw, Photoshop, Rhinoceros, 3DMax, Pro/E) .
4. Cooperate with the internal structure design to develop the product appearance, determine the appearance process, and assist in the information assistance during the production process of the finished product.
Location: Guangzhou, China 
Department: Design Dept
Hours: 40hrs per week
Salary: Negotiable
Production Manager (1)
Job requirements:
1.2 years of work experience in production supervisors or above in large-scale enterprises or other similar positions in manufacturing factories; those with work experience in the adult products industry are preferred.
2. Familiar with the whole production process, have unique insights and practical experience in product quality control, cost control, production efficiency improvement, food safety, lean production, etc.;
3. Familiar with office software and ERP system, able to independently formulate management system documents and various production reports.
4. Good communication skills and planning and summary skills.
Location: Guangzhou, China 
Department: Production Dept
Hours: 48hrs per week
Salary: Negotiable
Assembly Worker (15)
Job requirements:
1. Assembly line operation, electronic materials are assembled into finished machines;
2. The assembled finished product is delivered to the packaging department for packaging until shipment.
3. The work flow is simple and easy to operate;
4. With or without experience is acceptable.
5. Hard-working
Location: Guangzhou, China 
Department: Production Dept
Hours: 48hrs per week
Salary: Negotiable


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